Sitting down at the table. Arms folded under your chin. Asking yourself:
„How the hell did this shit happen?“ „Oh Baby!!! Drunk in (from) love!!!!!!“
Lately i`ve been thinking inspirational about how strong love and heartbreak can be.
I’ve seen this new adorable and smart movie by Tim Burton „Big Eyes“. A captivating story about the development of an female artist „Margaret Keane“ during the 60`s.
Such an important topic. It`s about the denial of women`s art.
She sold her heart her soul and believed in her fooling betraying love.
This really leads me to the following.

I believe that these two „emotions“ love and heartbreak
are one of the biggest offers for artistic work.
On the one hand it inspires you. You want to tell the whole world how you feel.
Where is the next microphone?
Hello world this is me!!! I`m madly in love with someone!!!
You share yourself so nervously. The bright light in your eyes when you talk about that person.
Where is this going? Overwhelming feelings.
What can I do with all that upcoming power and emotion?
And then you use this new strenght. Maybe you’ll write a song or dance it all off, create a new statue, idea, concept, painting, poetry.
Everything feeded by your heart and soul. You seem like that open book.
Your name printed on the front. Close it or read it,
Carefully, with sensitive gloves or please do me a favour, just close it.
There is also this other side of love. The dark side. The heartbreak.
Out of darkness comes creation too. Dark creations as strong as the illuminated ones.
Maybe it`s more powerful because your heart wants to scream, cry, punch, fight.
Fighting against the suffering and all the power and hope which was invested again.

Nobody knows which road love may take. But both emotions can create outstanding art.
Art that touches the beholder and reaches people`s emotion.
Thank you to all of these great artists that really captured me!
Everything that feels so bad and really aches could develop something
that is absolutely genius.